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YWCA Tulsa Mobile App

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YWCA Tulsa Mobile App

Did you know that we have a new mobile app that brings YWCA Tulsa right to your fingertips? Stay connected and access important information when you want it, where you want it – even on the go!

The app includes the following features:

  • Group Exercise Schedules
  • Program Registrations, Facility Hours & Notifications
  • Digital Facility Check-Ins
  • Notifications That Keep You Up-to Date

The mobile app is easy to use, completely fee, and available to download!

How to Find YWCA Tulsa After Downloading App


mobile app dl step 1

Step #2: Type Association Name Hit Return

mobile app dl step 2

Step #3 Association Populates Click Name

mobile app dl step 3

Step #4 Click settings to changemobile app dl step 4

How to Reserve Your Spot in a Fitness Class

Step #5 Go to Schedules Click on class you want to reserve

reserve spot 1


Step #6 Click Register
reserve spot 2
Step#7 If it’s the first time, Create an Account

reserve spot 3


Recurring members typically have this saved on their mobile devices for future reservations

reserve spot 4

To cancel a reservation, click “Register” button in class. It should take you to a screen that has “Cancel Reservation” listed. Press link and your reservation will be canceled.