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New Classes

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New Classes & Programs for October

Step Combo

Step cardio and full-body lift that will burn burn fat and help you tone up. East Location.
TBA |  Monday  |  9-10am  |  Studio 1  | Begins October 18

Tai Chi 65

8-week class with Instructor Connie. Requires 6 registrants for class to make.
Connie  |  Tuesday/Thursday  |  10-11am  |  Studio 1  | Begins October 12 (Sign Up Now!)

New Classes & Programs for September


An exhilarating ride on indoor bicycles set to motivating music. Cycle is a low impact exercise that is a major calorie burner.
Amy B.  |  Wednesday  |  5:30-6:15pm  | Studio 2  | Begins September 15


Interval training class that mixes strength training, cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics, core strength, and more.
John  |  Tuesday/Thursday |  6:00-6:45am  | Studio 3  | Begins September 14

Aqua Strong

A challenging one-hour class which targets cardio and muscle conditioning with an emphasis on strong core development.
Laurie  |  Tuesday  |  8:30-9:30am  | PJW Pool  | Begins September 7

Mindful Floating Class**

Float away your troubles, relax, concentrating on yourself for a mindful flotation hour in the pool.
Carol  |  Thursday  |  6:30-7pm  | PJW Pool  |  Begins September 2

…And don’t forget to check out these classes as well!

Cardio Hip Hop*

Dance-based class to get you moving to an awesome sound track and sweat away stress and calories.
Janet  |  Saturday  |  10-10:45am  |  Studio 3  | Begins August 28


*Pilot class. Participation will be reviewed at the end of September to determine continuance.
**Pilot Class – 4 weeks. Participation will be reviewed at the end to determine continuance.