YWCA Tulsa Support for Afghan Arrivals

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YWCA Tulsa Support for Afghan Arrivals

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Dear Community,

Over the past weeks, Tulsa has started to welcome 850 Afghan Parolees through the Afghan Placement and Assistance (APA) program.Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is a statewide resettlement provider in Oklahoma. They are working closely with Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma to welcome 800 individuals in the Tulsa area. Additionally, B’nai Emunah Synagogue will begin providing resettlement services in the Tulsa area this year. They plan to receive 50 Afghan arrivals. We anticipate the majority of Afghan families will arrive in Tulsa in October and November.

There are 70,000 people in the APA pipeline, and only 37,000 have been sponsored by resettlement agencies to date so we expect that there will be the opportunity to receive more families in the coming months.

Thanks to the passage of the Continuing Resolution through Congress on Oct 1st, Afghan humanitarian parolees will be able to access to refugee benefits, but they will not be considered full refugees. As the Refugee Support Services provider for the Eastern half of Oklahoma, YWCA Tulsa will provide the following services to provide Afghan arrivals with financial independence and stability:

Employment Support

  • Match clients with employment opportunities in the community.
  • Add additional employer partners and identify employment opportunities.
  • Prepare clients for the US work place and assist with job applications, building resumes, and preparing for job interviews.
  • Partner with employers for group hiring events and orientations
  • Provide employers with cultural training and support to welcome new employees.

Interpretation and Translation

Add Dari and Pashto capacity to our contract interpretation and translations services to support community partners as we are able to meet demand.

English Classes

  • Add additional English classes designed for Afghan arrivals.
  • Coordinate with Community Partners teaching ESL to identify capacity outside of YWCA and offer resources and support as needed.
  • Engage in opportunities to support Afghan youth in public schools.

We are also coordinating with Catholic Charities, Muslim led organizations and other key partners in the community to identify needs and fill gaps based on our experience and expertise.

We look forward to co-creating a welcoming Tulsa with you as we support the arrival of the hundreds of families from Afghanistan.

Let’s show them a warm Oklahoma welcome.

Julie Davis, Chief Executive Officer

Employment Services and English Language Classes

Employment Services

If you are an employer interested in hiring any of the people arriving from Afghanistan once they have work authorization, please email Eva Stentzel at estentzel@ywcatulsa.org.

We will also provide cultural training to help prepare your workplace for the incoming arrivals. Please contact Molly Bryant at mbryant@ywcatulsa.org for more information on cultural training.

English Language Classes

We will be expanding our offering of English Language Classes to support the incoming Afghan arrivals. We will also coordinate with Community Partners teaching English Language Classes to identify capacity outside of YWCA.



Cultural Training and Interpretation/Translation

October 26 — Creating a Welcoming Tulsa for Afghan Refugees

Tuesday, October 26 at 10:30 AM

Molly Bryant, YWCA Tulsa Case Management Manager, and Huda Abdulhameed, YWCA Tulsa Interpretation and Translation Manager and refugee from the Middle East, will share information about the culture of Afghanistan. She will discuss how to best prepare to serve the incoming Afghan arrivals and the general experience of refugees. The discussion will also include how to get connected with various organizations in Tulsa providing support.

Join by Zoom: Afghan Cultural Readiness Training


YWCA Interpretation and Translation Services

If your organization needs support in translating documents into Dari/Pashto, or will have need of an interpreter, please contact interpretation@ywcatulsa.org with information about your needs/request.

*We will try to meet all needs as possible, but knowing that there will be a high volume of need, we will be working to triage based on our capacity.


Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tatianna Hemphill at communications@ywcatulsa.org. Tatianna will help assess your interest/capacity and connect you from there!


To learn more, visit our Afghan Refugees page here.