New Year, New Classes Available

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New Year, New Classes Available

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New Year Series: New Classes for the Winter Months (and Beyond)!

Lunch Crunch

Get in a quick and effective full-body workout during your lunch break and get reenergized to tackle the rest of your day.
Marianna L. |  Wednesday/Friday  |  12:15-1:00pm  |  PJW Studio 3

Just A Minute! (Evening)

Work at your own pace cardio and toning class with 3 10-minute strength + 1-minute cardio blocks.
Tez V.  | Wednesday | 5:30-6:30pm | PJW Studio 3

…And don’t forget to check out these classics as well!

Tai Chi 65

8-week classes with Instructor Connie.
Connie | Tuesday/Thursday | 10-11am | PJW Studio 3

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