Family Literacy Program

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It starts with one gift, and a spark of generosity  

One of the biggest barriers to class attendance for Adult Education students is finding affordable childcare. Our companion Family Literacy classes ensure success for adult students and set-up their children for success once they reach school age. 

YWCA Tulsa provides free Family Literacy classes for children of our Adult Education students at the same time in a nearby classroom so that while parents are learning English, their children are also being immersed in English.  

In our family literacy program, we serve kids ages 0-5. Our educators focus on pre-literacy skills, English vocabulary, and arts and crafts. Family Literacy programming is fun and engaging. Instructors utilize songs, games, reading, speaking, discovery through play and exposure to first and second language materials for students. 

Tulsa is home to more than 65,000 foreign born residents.  YWCA Tulsa has served newcomers for more than 40 years providing education, legal services, interpretation and support to refugees and immigrants from places like Burma, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico.  

Can you make a gift today and support YWCA in offering free Family Literacy classes?  

Early childhood education reduces academic problems and gives dual-language students a better chance at success later in life. 

A two-year study in 2019 by George Kaiser Family Foundation showed that 83% of children in English language early-childhood programming see improved cognitive, social, and language skills. 87% of those kids were better prepared for kindergarten. 

Our instructors create age-appropriate lesson plans to cater to the needs of the children and provide quality childcare. Students will receive 4 hours of personal instruction per week for as long as their parent is enrolled in dual language courses – typically 16 weeks. 

Success Stories

pic of SabawoonSabawoon Shamit Khan Zoi is a happy and energetic boy. He is 2 and a half years old. He enrolled in our Family Literacy program last Fall, and then in Spring and currently in our summer term.  

From not knowing how to speak a single English word when he first enrolled, he can now say several English words and few three to four words sentences. He’s able to say three to four-word sentences such as, “This is a car,” “This is mine,” “This is for you,” “Good job,” etc.

He loves cars and solving puzzles, particularly letters. Whenever he’s asked which puzzle he wants to solve, almost every time he’ll say, “A, B, C…”!  He’s able to identify the picture and shape of letters and place them in the right sequence. His favorite song is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” If you sing that song, he’ll sing along with action.  

pic of AnesaAnesa Omar is a sweet, friendly 3yr. old girl currently enrolled in our summer children’s class.

Her mom, Walia, is one of our Afghan English class students. When Anesa first enrolled, back in September 2022, she didn’t understand or speak a word of English. But now her English vocabulary has increased a lot. She’s able to understand and speak several words and sentences and able to follow simple instructions.

She can recognize and name letters, colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, etc. in English. She loves coloring, painting, solving puzzles, and making different shapes and objects with playdoh. She’s learning to communicate in English through play and different developmentally appropriate activities 


There are many like Anesa and Sabawoon who are learning and developing very crucial language, communication, social and emotional skills in our children’s class which will prepare and equip them for success when they start school.  

Our Family Literacy program serves the children of students enrolled in different adult education classes with the goal of preparing them for success in school and life. Our instructors create age and developmentally appropriate lesson plans to cater to the needs of the children and provide quality childcare. 

Your gift gives both our adult students and our youngest students the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

  • A gift of $30 covers the cost of an Education Kit for a Children’s Class (playdough, crayons, & construction paper) 
  • A gift of $100 covers the cost of a set of baby and children’s books for a thematic unit (one month) 
  • A gift of $300 will sponsor a student participating in Family Literacy classes (45 hours) and help them reach their potential 
Can you make a gift today?