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January 2020 YWCA Tulsa released a form to our community titled “Tulsa Black-Owned Business Guide” in an effort to increase visibility and long-lasting support of our local black-owned businesses in commemoration of the 1921 Race Massacre. Throughout this process, we have collected close to 100 businesses to include in this directory. Below you will find a current list of Tulsa Black-Owned Businesses categorized by business type.

YWCA Tulsa’s goal is for this directory to serve as a resource to our community. We will continue to update and add additional businesses monthly as one way to commemorate the Centennial and beyond.

“The eyes of the world will be upon Tulsa during the Centennial. It’s an opportunity for our city to show communities nationwide how to respectfully pay homage–how we can tangibly reconcile the past with solution-based goals toward changing the future.

We are called to make a commitment–a commitment to eliminate racism and work towards reconciliation grounded in the reality of facing the racial inequities we face in our city and our nation. We will help lead by example by charging businesses and community members to pour resources into locally black-owned businesses in observance of the Centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and our Tulsa Triumphs campaign.” — YWCA Tulsa

Tulsa Black-Owned Business Directory

Arts & Entertainment

Art 4orms Foundation

Website: art4orms.org
Email Address: art4orms@gmail.com
Facebook: art4orms
Instagram: @art4ormskids
Year Business Opened: 2020

Intent Productions

Business Address: 11 E 5th St (2nd Floor)
Website: Intentfilms.com
Phone Number: 9186712991
Email Address: e.sanders@intentfilms.com
Facebook: Intentfilms
Instagram: Intent_production
Year Business Opened: 2014

VickyB’s Dance Company

Business Address: 130 N Greenwood Ave Suite 124G Tulsa, OK 74132
Website: VickyBs.com
Phone Number: 918-928-9500
Email Address: vickybsdanceco@gmail.com
Facebook: VickyBsDance
Instagram: VickyBsDance
Year Business Opened: 2015

Expressions of Eddye K.

Business Address: 102 N. Greenwood Ave suite B
Website: Expressionsofeddyek.com
Email Address: Expressionsofeddyek@gmail.com
Facebook: Eddye K Kaykay Allen
Instagram: @eddyekaaane
Year Business Opened: 2017

CreeseWorks, LLC

Website: creeseworks.com
Phone Number: 301-458-0284
Email Address: christopher@creeseworks.com
Facebook: creeseworks
Instagram: @creeseworks
Year Business Opened: 2019

High Frequency

Website: Highfrequencyco.com
Phone Number: 918-856-7130
Email Address: Highfrequencyco7@gmail.com
Facebook: @Highfrequencyco
Instagram: @Highfrequencyco
Year Business Opened: 2020

Black Pearl Diamonds Publishing

Business Address: Building (Greenwood area) coming late Spring 2021. Consultations by appointment ONLY
Website: blackpearldiamonds.com
Phone Number: 918-973-0851
Email Address: info@blackpearldiamonds.com
Facebook: blackpearldiamondspublishing
Instagram: @blackpearldiamondspublishing

Wise Moves Academy for Performing and Creative Arts

Phone Number: 918-812-5617
Email Address: Micahwisemoves@gmail.com
Facebook: wisemovesacademy
Instagram: @wisemovesacademy
Year Business Opened: 2017


Phone Number: 918-551-9541
Email Address: saltyvenue@hotmail.com
Facebook: saltyvenue
Instagram: @saltyvenue

Shaquia Verner

Website: PaintedVisionz.com
Phone Number: 817-298-1011
Email Address: Paintedvisionz@gmail.com
Facebook: Painted Visionz
Instagram: @paintedvisionz
Year Business Opened: 2019

Emelle Performing Arts Institute, Inc

Website: emelleperformingarts.org
Phone Number: 918-346-7203
Email Address: mmtyler@emelleperformingarts.org
Facebook: Melle Performing Arts Institute
Year Business Opened: 2016

Relyt Studio

Website: relytstudio.com
Phone Number: 918-551-9541
Email Address: relytstudio@gmail.com
Facebook: relytstudio
Instagram: @relytstudio
Year Business Opened: 2020

Tulsa Star

Website: newtulsastar.com
Email Address: newtulsastar@gmail.com
Year Business Opened: 1912

Learn with Tina

Phone Number: 918-205-4659
Email Address: info@learnwithtina.com
Year Business Opened: 2020

Taylor Finley Productions

Website: taylorfinleyproductions.com
Phone Number: 918-732-9206
Email Address: taylorfinleyproductions@gmail.com
Instagram: @finleytaylored | @taylorfinleyproductions
Year Business Opened: 2020

BOSS Encounters

Website: bossencounters.net
Phone Number: 9189550251
Email Address: info@bossencounters.net
Facebook: bossencounterz
Year Business Opened: 2019

Restaurant & Food Services

Sisserou’s Restaurant

Business Address: 107 N. Boulder Ave. #C, Tulsa, OK 74103
Website: Sisserousrestaurant.com
Phone Number: 918-576-6800
Email Address: Sisserousrestaurant@gmail.com
Facebook: Sisserousrestaurant
Instagram: @sisseroutulsa
Year Business Opened: 2014

Black Wall Street Liquid Lounge

Business Address: 10 N. Greenwood, S-101, Tulsa, OK 74120
Website: bwsll.com
Phone Number: 539-867-2477
Email Address: info@bwsll.com
Facebook: bwsliquidlounge
Instagram: @BWS_LL
Year Business Opened: 2020

Leon’s Smoke Shack BBQ

Business Address: 601 South Sheridan road
Website: leonssmokeshack.com
Phone Number: 918-693-9019
Email Address: sean.thompson127@yahoo.com
Facebook: Leon’s Smoke Shack
Instagram: @Leon’sSmokeShack
Year Business Opened: 2014

BabyBlendz: Fresh, Organic BabyFood

Phone Number: 918-630-9392
Email Address: babyblendztulsa@gmail.com
Facebook: babyblendzz
Year Business Opened:2020

Tisdale23 Catering

Website: cheftiffanynicole.com
Phone Number: 918-899-2005
Email Address: Info@tisdale23.com
Facebook: Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton
Instagram: @cheftiffanynicole
Year Business Opened: 2010

Sweet Lisa’s Cafe

Business Address: 1717 N. Peoria Ave Tulsa Oklahoma
Phone Number: 918-561-6099
Email Address: 007.knox@gmail.com
Facebook: Sweet Lisa’s Cafe
Instagram: Sweet_lisas
Year Business Opened:2015

Country Q BBQ

Phone Number: 918-268-9851
Email Address: countryqbbq@yahoo.com
Facebook: Country Q BBQ
Instagram: country_q_bbq

Margaritas Too Go

Website: Margaritastoogo.com
Phone Number: 918-494-3789
Email Address: Margaritastoogo@gmail.com
Facebook: Margaritas too go
Instagram: Margaritas too go
Year Business Opened: 1991

Frios Gourmet Pops-Tulsa

Business Address: 105 N Greenwood Ave
Website: friospops.com
Phone Number: 918-829-3911
Email Address: angela@friospops.com
Facebook: friosgourmetpopstulsa
Instagram: @frios_tulsa
Year Business Opened: 2017

Southern Belle Entertainment

Phone Number: 918-407-8888
Email Address: entertainmentsouthernbelle@gmail.com
Facebook: Southern Belle Entertainment

Manhattan Catering

Phone Number: 918-407-8889
Email Address: Blackwallstreetbrunchclub@gmail.com
Facebook: @Manhattan on Brookside 
Year Business Opened: 2015

Sophisticated Treats & Events

Website: Sophisticatedtreats.com
Phone Number: 918-845-5056
Email Address: Sophisticatedtreats@yahoom.com

You Got The Juice

Website: Yougotthejuice.com
Phone Number: 918-982-4382
Email Address: Yougotthejuicelike92@gmail.com
Facebook: Yougotthejuice_llc
Instagram: Yougotthejuice918
Year Business Opened: 2019

Health & Beauty

Mandys Beauty Supply

Business Address: 7212 E 41st ST
Website: Mandysbeautysupply.com
Phone Number: 539-525-0833
Email: Info@mandysbeautysupply.com
Facebook: Mandys Beauty Supply
Instagram: Mandysbeautytulsa
Year  Business Opened:  2017

Hurricane Training Center

Business Address: 11005 East 41st Street Tulsa, OK 74145
Website: HTC918.com
Phone Number: 918-933-9566
Email Address: Htctulsa@gmail.com
Facebook: Hurricane training center
Year Business Opened: 2016

MLB Artistry

Business Address: 4815 S Sheridan Rd. Suite 109
Website: mlbartistry.com
Phone Number: 918-409-7929
Email Address: marci@mlbartistry.com
Facebook: mlbartistry
Instagram: mlbartistry
Year Business Opened: 2014

Aubrey Shine Cosmetics

Business Address:
Website: aubreyshinecosmetics.com
Phone Number: 940 -268-4556
Email Address: aubreyshinecosmetics.com
Facebook: Aubrey Shine Cosmetics
Year Business Opened: 2020

NatureLuxe Beauty

Business Address:
Website: NatureLuxe.myshopify.com
Phone Number: 539-215-2524
Email Address: Jaeblocker90@gmail.com
Facebook: NatureLuxe Beauty
Year Business Opened:2020

Queen Kisses All Natural Lipcare

Business Address: 1400 W Princeton Ct Broken Arrow, Ok 74012
Website: myqueenkisses.com
Phone Number: 918-406-5875
Email Address: QKisses85@gmail.com
Facebook: Queen Kisses
Instagram: Q_kisses
Year Business Opened: 2019

Lumos Chiropractic

Business Address: 7171 S Braden Ave
Website: Lumoschiropractic.com
Phone Number: 573-433-6415
Email Address: Info@lumoschiropractic.com
Facebook: lumoschiropractic
Instagram: lumoschiropractic
Year Business Opened: 2016

Vivid Salon LLC

Business Address: 782 E.Pine St.
Phone Number: 918-933-1774
Email Address: Clarecestyles@gmail.com
Facebook: Vivid Salon LLC
Instagram: @vivid_clarece
Year Business Opened: 2019

Luxurious Turquoise Sun

Website: LuxuriousTurquoiseSun.com
Phone Number: 918-264-2324
Email Address: luxuriousturquoisesun@gmail.com
Facebook: LuxuriousTurquoiseSun
Instagram: Luxurious.Turquoise.Sun
Year Business Opened: 2019

Nuni Products

Website: nuniproducts.com
Phone Number: 609-351-2039
Email Address: nuniproducts@live.com
Facebook: nuniproducts
Instagram: @nuniproducts
Year Business Opened: 2015

Poppi’s Spa and Lounge

Business Address: 302 S Frankfort Ave Ste C.
Website: tulsapoppi.com
Phone Number: 918-932-8181
Email Address: Info@tulsapoppi.com
Facebook: tulsapoppi
Instagram: @tulsapoppi
Year Business Opened: 2019

Touched By Honey Aesthetics

Website: touchedbyhoneyaesthetics.com
Phone Number: 918-402-3362
Email Address: rachelle.pruitt@yahoo.com
Facebook: Touchedbyhoneyaesthetics
Instagram: @Touchedbyhoneyaesthetics
Year Business Opened: 2017

TulsaFit918 LLC

Business Address: 9770 E 55th Pl (HardBody Gym)
Website: TulsaFit918.com
Phone Number: 918-313-9500
Email Address: tulsaFit918@yahoo.com
Facebook: TulsaFit918
Instagram: @TFHardbody

Xclusiv Body Suit Health & Holistic

Business Address: 5930 E 31st, STE 175
Website: getsuitedxv.com
Phone Number: 918-902-0168
Email Address: Info@getsuitedxv.com
Facebook: getsuitedxv
Instagram: @getsuitedxv
Year Business Opened: 2013

Retail Shop (i.e. Apparel)

Silhouette Sneakers & Art

Business Address: 10 N Greenwood Ave C
Website: silhouettetulsa.com
Phone Number: 918-732-9166
Email: help@silhouettetulsa.com
Facebook: @silhouettetulsa
Instagram: @silhouettetulsa

Sheigh Lounges

Website: sheighlounges.com
Phone Number: 661-839-8988
Email: Iamsheigh@gmail.com
Facebook: Sheigh Lounges
Instagram: Sheigh_lounges
Year  Business Opened: 2020

Fulton Street Books & Coffee

Business Address: 210 W Latimer Street
Website: fultonstreet918.com
Phone Number: 918-932-8646
Email: Info@Fultonstreet918.com
Facebook: fultonstreet918
Instagram: fultonstreet918

Habit Boutique

Business Address: 1717 N Peoria Ave Suite 12
Website: habitboutiquetulsa.com
Phone Number: 918-688-2005
Email Address: shavonna@habitboutique.net
Facebook: habitboutiquetulsa
Instagram: habitboutiquetulsa
Year Business Opened: 2017

Mocha Books

Business Address: 5525 E 51st St Tulsa Ok 74135 suite 505 -(office only/ order pick up)
Website: readwithmochabooks.com
Phone Number: 918-845-6250
Email: Info@readwithmochabooks.com
Facebook: Read-With-Mocha-Books
Instagram: readwithmochabooks
Year  Business Opened:  2017

Medical & Private Practice

Metamorphosis Counseling Services, PLLC

Business Address: 205 E Pine St., Suite 5A
Website: gethelptulsa.com
Phone Number: 918-932-8390
Email Address: metamorphosiscs@att.net
Facebook: Metamorphosis Counseling Services, PLLC
Year Business Opened: 2010


Business Address: 7806 E 106th St. | Suite 205
Website: essentialmdtulsa.com
Phone Number: 918-600-2233
Email Address: Info@essentialmdtulsa.com
Facebook: EssentialMD
Instagram: @EssentialMDTulsa
Year Business Opened: 2019

A&M Healthcare Clinic, LLC

Business Address: 3606 North MLK Jr. BLVD
Website: amhealthcareclinic.com
Phone Number: 918-728-8512
Email Address: amhealthcareclinic@gmail.com
Year Business Opened: 2018

Kenya’s Way, LLC

Website: kenyasway.org
Phone Number: 918-409-0815
Email Address: Kenyaturner@kenyasway.org
Instagram: @Kenyaswaycounseling
Year Business Opened:2018

Non- Profit Organizations

Women Empowering Nations

Website: wenations.org
Phone Number: 918-212-6631
Email Address: info@wenations.org
Facebook: WENations
Instagram: wenations
Year Business Opened: 2009

Black Women Business Owners of America

Business Address: 36 E. Cameron St., #15
Website: bwboamerica.com
Phone Number: 539-302-2686
Email Address: info@bwboamerica.com
Facebook: bwboamerica
Instagram: @bwbo_america
Year Business Opened: 2019

Met Cares Foundation

Business Address: 9521 S. Riverside Drive. Suite B #177
Website: metcaresfoundation.org
Phone Number: 918-430-8066
Email Address: raynell@metcaresfoundation.com
Facebook: metcarestulsa
Year Business Opened: 2017

A Positive Direction, Inc.

Business Address: 205 E Pine St., Suite 5B
Website: apdihelptulsa.com
Phone Number: 918-313-5928
Email Address: apdi0994@att.net
Facebook: A Positive Direction, Inc.
Year Business Opened: 1994