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2021 Commitment to Eliminate Racism

YWCA Tulsa is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, freedom, dignity and justice for all. We focus on eliminating barriers for and investing in the success of women, girls and people of color.

Systemic racism leads to WIDESPREAD DISPARITIES for Black Americans.

  • It harms Black Health
  • It denies Black children an equal education
  • It undermines Black wealth building
  • It hurts Black-owned businesses
  • It traps Black Americans where they live
  • And it takes “Justice” out of “Criminal Justice”

Together, we can end racism once and for all.

For nearly a century, the YWCA’s direct services and public policy advocacy efforts have promoted racial justice and personal empowerment and delivered measurable results. Our work has never been more critical—and neither has your support.

YWCA is calling on you to make a commitment–a commitment to eliminate racism and work towards reconciliation grounded in the reality of facing the racial inequities we face in our city and our nation–by taking these two pledges.



Until the land of the free is free of racism.

Until the home of the brave is brave enough to change.

Until “by the people” and “for the people” means
doing right by
all the people.

Until justice just is.