CPR/AED/First Aid Training

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CPR/First Aid/AED for the Layperson Certification

This course helps participants identify and eliminate potentially hazardous conditions in their environment, recognize emergencies, and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. The course teaches skills that participants need to know in order to provide immediate care of a suddenly ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives to take over. This course teaches students to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children and infants, use an AED on an adult or child victim of cardiac arrest, and use personal protective equipment to stop blood-borne pathogens and other diseases from spreading.

The certification earned by taking this course is valid for two years, and training takes 6 hours.

March 2019

Course Sessions  March 20 – 21 4 – 7 pm

Cost: $90 Register Here

Questions? Contact kbertalot@ywcatulsa.org or (918) 858-5395

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