Group Fitness Schedules

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YWCA Tulsa offers many aquatics and land group classes for many different athletic abilities. Below is a full list of classes and class descriptions. Please choose the date and YWCA Tulsa facility which interest you.


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Aquatics Group Fitness Etiquette

  1. Classes are subject to change without notice. Check the app for the most up to date information.
  2. Please wear appropriate attire that will not leave you exposed.
  3. Please inform your instructor if you are new to exercise, pregnant, or have any pre-existing injuries.
  4. Warm-up and cool-down are vital components of a class. Do not disrupt a class that has already begun or is finishing up. You may wait quietly on the poolside 5-minutes before class. No getting in the pool until your class time.
  5. Respect other users and instructors please limit your conversations during class times. Staff reserve the right to ask you to leave the class if conversations continue.
  6. YWCA is not responsible for articles of clothing or personal belongings. We strongly encourage utilizing the lockers available to store personal items.
  7. Abusive language, intoxication, public displays of affection, lifeguard, or instructor mistreatment will not be tolerated. These actions and behaviors could lead to membership termination.
  8. Remember to rinse off before using the pool.
  9. Bring a water bottle (no glass containers) and a towel.