Fitness Programming

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Fitness Programming




You don’t have to already be a runner of any sort to benefit from our Couch-to-5K program. Like the name says, our running group leaders work with people who want to start moving to improve their health. We get you off the couch with the goal of completing a five-kilometer run in a matter of weeks. Give it a try!

Couch-to-5K is an 8-week course, and costs $50. Sign up at the front desk or by calling 918-587-2100.


Couch-to-Tri Workshop

Want to combine your swimming, cycling, and jogging skills to achieve your goal? Our Couch to Tri workshop is a program that will give you the tools to successfully complete your first sprint triathlon.

Couch-to-Tri is an 10-week course, and costs $75. Register Here

For more information or to register see the front desk or call 918-749-2519.