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Black Girl Magic

Jul 18, 2016
Entry by Elyse Urbonas
Staff Writer
What is ‘Black Girl Magic’?
If you haven’t heard about this trending hashtag #blackgirlmagic already, here is the scoop. An article by Huffington Post stated that “‘Black girl magic’ is a term used to illustrate the universal awesomeness of black women. It’s about celebrating anything particularly dope, inspiring, or mind-blowing about themselves.”
CaShawn Thompson, a feminist writer from the U.S., claims to have been the first person to encourage others to use the term in 2013. 
Women post pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #blackgirlmagic. These pictures consist of things such as women and their natural hair, graduating from high school or college, and just celebrating themselves! 
I decided to interview my friend Lashawn White to see what she had to say about the epidemic.
The first question I asked her was simple, what did #blackgirlmagic mean to her?
She responded by explaining that to her it means celebrating life and all the triumphs that happen along the way. For her, it doesn’t necessarily have to be black or white. “We should shine light on things that are right — it’s as simple as that.” 
I then asked her what she believed her #blackgirlmagic to be. “My ‘black girl magic’ would have to be balance because I am a mom, a business owner and a wife. I have worked hard to put myself through college while raising a beautiful daughter.”
“I will support my daughter in anything she chooses, whether she wants to own her own business or travel the world. She is her own person and she can figure out her path; I want her to celebrate her life. My hope is that she will grow up strong and independent,” LaShawn said. 
As our interview was coming to an end I asked her what she wanted others to know about #blackgirlmagic. She said, “I love the idea of ‘black girl magic’, especially with all the negative stigmas surrounding black women.
However, why just black girl magic? Anyone can create their own magic. Latina girl magic, white girl magic, every girl magic!  In this world we have to celebrate everyone. Life is hard enough already, why not stick together!”
So, I leave you with this — you can only be you and no one else.  
What is your #blackgirlmagic? Or any magic for that matter! 
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