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Golden Rosie's Take Over Tulsa

Jun 14, 2016
Entry by Elyse Urbonas
Staff Writer
American women entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers during World War II, as widespread male enlistment left gaping holes in the industrial labor force. Between 1940 and 1945, the female percentage of the U.S. workforce increased from 27 percent to nearly 37 percent, and by 1945 nearly one out of every four married women worked outside the home (History.com). 
Out of this shift, “Rosie the Riveter” was created. She was the star of a government campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for the munitions industry, becoming an iconic image of working women during the war. Our Close the Gap 5K needed an icon; so YWCA decided to merge Rosie the Riveter and Tulsa’s very own iconic Golden Driller to create……Golden Rosie’s!
Although, women who entered the workforce during World War II were crucial to the war effort, their pay lagged far behind their male counterparts. Female workers rarely earned more than 50 percent of male wages.
Sadly, a woman earning less than her male counterpart is still a problem today. This is why we have created the Close the Gap 5K to raise awareness and to close the gap in women’s wealth, wellness, and civic education.
Let me throw a few facts at you to help put things into perspective. Did you know that for every $1 the average man makes, Latinas are paid 51₵, Black women are paid 63₵, Asian women are paid 65₵, Native American women are paid 70₵, and white women are paid 82₵? Also, the wage gap costs an Oklahoma woman an average of $484,680 over her career. 
It only follows suit that, when faced with significant gaps in pay, women also face significant gaps in assets or wealth (the difference between how much you have minus how much you owe).
 In fact, women face a wealth gap regardless of education level. A woman with a master’s degree has half the net worth of a man with the same level of education.
These facts are depressing, right? That is why we are working to close the gap! Will you join us? Signing up is easy. You can form a team of your own or join an existing team. I have included the link to our Close the Gap 5K website to make it even easier. 
Benefitting YWCA, this race works to raise awareness for the health of women and girls in Oklahoma; income disparities among women, particularly women of color; and a leadership gap that cuts across all levels of our state and private sector businesses – all while funding critical local programming and celebrating women, girls, and the men who support them!
Our timed, USATF Certified 5K course offers a fast, scenic run through the Brady District and historic Brady Heights in downtown Tulsa, while the untimed 5K allows novice and intermediate runners and walkers the option to complete the course at their own pace.
Kids under 12 can earn their medals in the 100-yard Kids Dash, and all participants are invited to join in the race day celebration activities! 
Saturday, August 6 at 8 a.m.
Guthrie Green – Click the link to learn more:
Here is a link if you are interested in volunteering for the 5K: 
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