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Jul 11, 2016
Entry by Elyse Urbonas
Staff Writer
I am going to take you on a tour through our advocacy agenda.
First, I want you to imagine a woman in Oklahoma. This could be your mother, sister, cousin, friend, grandparent, co-worker, etc. Do you have that woman in mind? Good. 
As a woman, many obstacles stand in her way on the ladder to the middle class. For our advocacy agenda, we used a construction site to emphasize the different barriers and levels a woman has to overcome. 
Let’s start with how much the average woman makes. For every dollar the average man makes, the average Latina woman earns 51 cents, the average foreign-born woman earns 53 cents, an African American woman earns 63 cents, a Native American woman earns 70 cents, and the average white woman earns 82 cents. Compared to her white male counterpart, a woman will earn less over her lifetime.
Do you still have that woman in your mind?
Let’s continue on. I want to talk about education. This should close the wealth gap, right? Wrong — in fact, in many cases it widens it. Women with advanced degrees have half the net worth of men with the same level of education. 
You think that is frustrating? Let’s chat about the female incarceration rate in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma locks up women at the highest rate in the country. Eighty-five percent of incarcerated women have children, creating barriers for our next generation. For women who are facing economic trouble, the risk for incarcerations is much higher — 95.5% of imprisoned woman are unemployed at arrest. 
After hearing all this, what do we do now? How do we work to close these gaps? Policy change is the best way to rewrite a woman’s story.
However, that becomes difficult when Oklahoma has the nation’s 12th lowest voter registration rate and only 1 in 3 of those eligible voted in 2014.
That woman you had in mind during this journey, do you remember her? Are you ready to rewrite her story? Join Justice Together to ensure that all women in Oklahoma have access to equal opportunity. 
Click the link below to sign the pledge to support YWCA Tulsa's mission to close the gap! Let's rewrite her story!
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