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Group Swim Lessons

Infant Classes

Baby & Me

Developed for children 6 months up to 3 years, American Red Cross Parent and Child Aquatics helps young children get ready to swim by emphasizing fun in the water. Guardians and children participate in several guided practice sessions that help kids learn elementary swimming skills, including water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more. Classes meet weekly on Friday evenings from 6:00pm-6:30pm. This is a 6 week course  (Cost: $60)

Group Swim lesson

Level I: Intro to Water Skills

Recommended for ages 3-5 years. Level I participants learn to enter and exit the water safely, open eyes underwater, pick up submerged objects, swim on front and back using arm and leg actions, submerge mouth, nose, and eyes, float on front and back, follow basic water safety rules, exhale underwater through mouth and nose, explore arm and hand movements, and use a life jacket.  (Cost: $45 Members / $75 Non-Members)


Level II: Fundamental Aquatics Skills

Recommended for ages 5-7 years. Level II participants learn to enter water by stepping or jumping from the side, open eyes underwater, pick up submerged object, roll over from front to back, back to front, swim on side, exit water safely using ladder or side, float on front and back, tread water using arm and leg motions, move in the water while wearing a life jacket, submerge entire head, perform front and back glide, swim 6-8 feet on front and back using dog paddle.(Cost: $45 Members / $75 Non-Members)


Level III: Stroke Development

Recommended for ages 7-9 years. Level III participants learn to jump into deep water from one side, bob with head fully submerged, perform survival float, dive from kneeling or standing position, use rotary breathing in horizontal poition, change from horizontal to vertical position on front and back, submerge and retrieve an object, perform front and back glide, perform front and back crawl, perform reaching assist, learn proper kicking techniques, learn Elementary Backstroke, intro to Breaststroke.  (Cost: $45 members/$75 non-members)
  • Swim Lessons will resume in January 2019. Registration for the January session will open on January 1st.


Level IV: Stroke Refinement

Recommended for ages 9-11 years. Level IV students learn to refine the strokes they begin learning in Level III. They also work on building endurance and strength. This level can be a predecessor to swim team.  (Cost: $45 members/$75 non-members)

Adult Classes at East

Recommended for ages 13 years and older. These classes are developed for adults with no experience swimming and for those that want t improve their strokes. The goal of these lessons is to make the adults competent, confident, and successful swimmers. (Cost: $45 Members / $75 Non-Members)