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On Your Own

YWCA Tulsa is pleased to offer "On Your Own: Women and Divorce." Women often start the divorce process without the crucial information to help them get an equitable outcome. For women who have decided to seek a divorce, On Your Own provides a toolkit and legal assistance to help keep your economic and emotional well-being intact when you reach the other side of divorce.

On Your Own Toolkit

With sections on legal concerns, financial considerations, children and parenting, controlling and manipulative behavior, and the importance of self care, the On Your Own Toolkit is a roadmap to help you navigate your divorce.

Click here to download the "On Your Own" Toolkit

"You think that deciding to get a divorce is the toughest part of the process. However, all of the details that follow can be overwhelming – legal, financial, family and more. I referred a client to the toolkit and it made the process so much easier for her. She used this as a "business guide" first and then found the advice about family and self-care a great reminder about taking care of oneself and others. The On Your Own toolkit did a wonderful job anticipating my questions, answering them and providing information about other resources."

- Jane Mudgett, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

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