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Ideas and Inspiration

Stand Against Racism is a signature YWCA racial justice campaign that invites businesses, nonprofits, schools, houses of worship, and other community groups to host events for their constituents. The 2016 Stand Against Racism takes place April 28 - May 1. Below are some ideas for how organizations can participate by hosting their own Stand.

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Sample Stand Schedule

  1. Welcome
    1. Thank your participants for coming.
    2. Ask them to wear their stickers/buttons.
    3. Read the Stand Against Racism’s Purpose Statement and/or your own remarks.
  2. Discussion
    1. You may invite YWCA Tulsa to come speak on the “YWCA’s One Imperative: to eliminate racism wherever it exists by any means necessary.”
    2. Invite any speaker of your choice (contact YWCA Tulsa for speaker ideas).
    3. Facilitate a dialogue using World Cafe, pair share, or another method to generate conversation.
    4. Use a media source like a documentary, film clip, news article, or blog post to spark a discussion. 
    5. Depending on the type of event you are planning, you can enhance this activity with poetry, music, readings, lighting a candle, and/or other rituals as appropriate (see ideas below).
  3. Participation
    1. Provide a station for people to use the provided materials (selfie sign, worksheets, poster, etc.)
    2. Stand to take the Pledge Against Racism
    3. Take a group photo.
  4. Call to Action
    1. Provide some kind of action-oriented activity to carry forward the spirit of the Stand.
    2. Ask everyone to take a bookmark with them.
    3. Invite them to learn more about the battle against racism by visiting YWCA’s website and social media pages.
    4. Thank your participants for coming.
  5. Be sure to complete the post-event evaluation from YWCA USA so we can capture our collective impact!

Additional components

You can enhance the schedule above of the event with any of the suggestions below in order to expand the experience for yourself and your group.

Other Event Ideas

You can use the following suggestions to build a Stand Against Racism event that fits your organization’s culture and time commitments. Contact YWCA Tulsa for specific resources!

Shorter events

Longer events

Virtual Stands

Ideas for educators

Assign an age-appropriate anti-racism project to your students:

Ideas for communities of faith

Ideas for workplace groups

Ideas for civil service organizations

Ideas for campus groups