Core Values

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YWCA Tulsa is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, freedom, dignity and justice for all. We focus on eliminating barriers for and investing in the success of women, girls and people of color.

Core Values 

Our core values are the heart of our culture.

  • Community: We center people in our program design; we engage the Community in our decisions, and we partner with others to achieve the greatest impact. We believe in:
    • Collaboration and shared leadership,
    • Partnering with others to increase impact,
    • And Finding answers within the community.
  • Advocacy: We are committed to creating space for voices to be heard. We will:
    • Amplify the voices of [women/BIPOC, under-represented communities],
    • Ensure spaces where all can have a voice,
    • Model representation & diverse leadership
  • Respect: We care about each other and treat each other with dignity and value. We believe that authentic, respectful relationships lead to learning and growth. We:
    • Encourage,
    • Challenge,
    • And Support Each Other.
  • Equity & Inclusion: We build diverse, welcoming, and inclusive spaces both within our walls and in the world. We welcome:
    • Your full self,
    • Your creativity and ideas,
    • Your experiences,
    • And Your perspective.
  • Empowerment: We empower each other [and the community/those we serve] to have a voice and create change. We:
    • Develop leaders,
    • Blaze new territory,
    • and have the courage to act on our principles. We are strong alone and fearless together.
  • Excellence: We set and achieve ambitious goals. We are:
    • Transparent
    • Accountable,
    • Strategic, and
    • Innovative As we seek ways to constantly learn and improve.